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Henan High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. has various detection capabilities such as high power tests, dielectric tests, mechanical testsing, temperature rise testingtests, EMC test and environmental testingtests. The test objectsdetected products cover more than 30 kinds of AC/DC high voltage apparatus including circuit-breaker, disconnectoring switch and earthing switch, GIS, load switch, switch cabinet, bushing, instrument transformer and transformer.


High Power Tests:

12kV/50kA, 40.5kV/16kA three-phase direct testing; 252kV/50kA three-phase synthesis testing; 420kV/63kA single-phase synthesis testing, effective value three-phase 100kA/4s. Single-phase 63kA/4s dynamic and thermal stability testing; testing of sudden short circuit of transformer with 35kV and below.

Dielectric tests:

Dielectric tests of AC/DC high voltage apparatus with 1100kV and below; radio interference testing of AC/DC high voltage apparatus with 1100kV and below; outdoor long-term on-load testing with 1100kV/8800A.

Temperature rises and mechanical tests:

Temperature rise tests of three-phase 6300A and single-phase 25000A, 50Hz; mechanical tests of high voltage apparatus with 1100kV and below; loop resistance measurement, sealing, verification of protection and other tests;

EMC Tests:

EMC Detection for high-voltage switchgear, transformer station protection, control, monitoring equipment, electrical and electronic products; Giga-hertz Transverse Electromagnetic (GTEM), 1GHz electromagnetic shielding enclosure 4m × 4m × 3m

Environmental Tests:

Alternating damp-heat, steady damp-heat and high and low temperature testing, -55 ° C ~ + 85 ° C; vibration testing, frequency 5Hz ~ 2500Hz. Amplitude 50 mm, load 100 kg; shock, impact testing, acceleration 100g, load 100 kg

Dynamic Simulation Testing:

Medium and low voltage equipment and systems with voltage level of ± 10kV and below

High-voltage AC circuit-breakers, high-voltage AC disconnector and earthing switch, AC metal enclosed switchgear and controlgear, GIS, high-voltage AC metal enclosed cable branching switchgears, compact switchgear assemblies, AC disconnecting circuit-breaker, high voltage AC load switch, high voltage load switch-fuse combinations, AC automatic circuit recloser, AC automatic line sectionalizer, high/low voltage prefabricated transformer station , bypass switch for high voltage AC series capacitor, high voltage DC conversion switch, high-voltage DC bypass switch, DC disconnecting and earthing switches, AC high-voltage bushings, instrument transformer, high-voltage ceramic wall bushings, bushings for DC system, distribution transformer, general electronic and electrical products, micro-grid controlgear and system, electric vehicle charging and battery swap system, intelligent grid controlgear and system, DC distribution primary device and control system, integrated energy system.



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