Scope of Services

Mechanical and Environmental

The testing hall construction meets the installation, commissioning, and testing requirements for ultra-high products like extra-high-voltage circuit breakers and isolating switches. It is equipped with 24 channels of mechanical life automatic operation tables, a three-phase 6300A/single-phase 25000A temperature rise test system, walk-in dust test chambers, high-low temperature test chambers, salt spray test chambers, and other equipment. The facilities can meet the mechanical tests, temperature rise tests, protection level tests, circuit resistance measurement, sealing tests, and climate protection tests for the entire range of high-voltage switchgear equipment up to 1100kV.

Application areas:

The testing scope covers type tests, performance tests, research tests, and sampling tests for high-voltage circuit breakers, isolating/grounding switches, combination appliances, high-voltage cable branch switches, compact complete switchgear, high-voltage bypass switches, transfer switches, high-voltage load switches, automatic reclosers, automatic sectionalizers, bushings, transformers, fuses, high-voltage switchgear, ring main units, pole-mounted circuit breakers, pre-installed substations, distribution transformers, low-voltage switchgear, JP cabinets, and more.