Scope of Services

Capacity Test

The company possesses testing capabilities including high-capacity tests for switchgear up to 550kV/63kA, insulation tests for AC and DC up to 1200kV, temperature rise tests up to 16000A, mechanical tests, environmental tests, and electromagnetic compatibility tests. Additionally, it has the capability for type tests of transformers up to 35kV and below.

The company will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "scientific, accurate, fair, honest, high-quality, and efficient." It will firmly implement the strategic deployment of the State Grid Corporation, focus on serving the development of the power grid, and build an international quality inspection public service platform that integrates testing and detection, research and development of testing technology, and formulation of standards.

Application Areas:

The testing includes type tests, performance tests, sampling tests, and research tests for high-voltage electrical products such as circuit breakers, isolating/grounding switches, combination appliances, transformers, distribution transformers, switchgear, load switches, fuses, ring main units, JP cabinets, pole-mounted circuit breakers, and compact substations,.