Scope of Services

Insulation test

Having two independent testing halls and an outdoor testing ground, the extra-high-voltage testing hall is 99 meters long, 60 meters wide, and 57 meters high. It is equipped with 1800kV/3600kVA and 1200kV/4800kVA AC test systems, 4800kV/720kJ impulse voltage generators, 2000kV/30mA DC voltage generators, partial discharge measurement, and field strength interference testing equipment. The facilities can meet the requirements for partial discharge measurements and radio interference tests for the entire range of AC and DC high-voltage electrical products. This includes all insulation test items, including wet withstand voltage and condensation. The outdoor live testing ground is equipped with a 1200kV/4A resonance test transformer and 8800A large current up-flow equipment. It can simulate mechanical and electrical performance reliability tests under operating conditions of high-voltage switchgear and conduct research and equipment development for extra-high-voltage AC/DC transmission and transformation technology.

Application Areas:

The testing scope covers type tests, performance tests, research tests, and sampling tests for high-voltage electrical products such as high-voltage circuit breakers, isolating/grounding switches, combination appliances, high-voltage cable branch switches, compact complete switchgear, high-voltage bypass switches, high-voltage transfer switches, high-voltage load switches, automatic reclosers, automatic sectionalizers, bushings, transformers, fuses, high-voltage switchgear, ring main units, pole-mounted circuit breakers, pre-installed substations, distribution transformers, and more.